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Farm Pride - Asphalt Fence Paint
Penetrates, Preserves & Protects

  • Penetrates, Preserves & Protects
  • Preserves Wood
  • Rust Proofs Metal
  • Damp Proofs Stone or Brick
  • Dry Finish is Livestock Safe

Sizes Available:
4.75 Gallon Pail
.9 Gallon Pail

Up to 200 square feet per gallon


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Asphalt based fence paint fortified with special oils designed to penetrate, preserve and protect wood and other types of surfaces. It will also add years of service life as it rust proofs metal, preserves wood, damp proofs stone or brick and rejuvenates composition surfaces. Helps prevent cribbing on fencing and stalls. Designed for use above or below grade.

• Wood or Metal Fences & Posts
• Masonry & Concrete
• Use Above or Below Grade

Surface shall be clean, dry and free of any dirt or contaminants. Application temperature must be a minimum of 50 ºF and rising. Do not apply when temperature is expected to drop below 50 ºF within a 24- hour period. Do not apply if rain is imminent within 24 hours of application. Be sure to wear eye protection and gloves when mixing and applying this product. Stir container thoroughly. Apply by brush, roller or airless spray (suggested tip size .017 to .023). Although paint will cover in one coat, a second coat may be applied for optimum performance and durability. Clean tools with mineral spirits in well ventilated area immediately after use.

Squeegee Application

Designed for use above or below grade.

Item Number
Unit Size Unit Weight Pack Pack Weight
66445 4.75 gal. Pail 49 lbs.


49 lbs.
66441 .9 gal. Can 9.6 lbs.


59 lbs.

Tools Needed:

You May Also Need:
HoseSprayerGloves -


Home Owner - DIY



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